Game Bird Hunting

In recent years, there has been a lot of conversation about a decline in hunting across the US. This may be due to several factors – more people are moving to urban areas and selling farm land that has traditionally been a haven for birds and hunters; younger people are becoming less active and spending less time outdoors; and fewer people are aware of the vital role that hunters and birders play in conserving native game bird species. Game preserves like Winter Haven are becoming more and more important in the protection of responsible hunting traditions and the birds that inspire them.

A common misconception that has led to the decrease in hunters in the field is that hunting harms the bird population. Hunting regulations are carefully crafted to help thin out populations that are struggling for resources or are spreading disease, allowing healthy birds to thrive and avoid becoming a nuisance or depleting resources for other birds and wildlife. Likewise, restrictions are often issued to prevent hunters from hunting in an area where the bird population may have dropped due to weather or disease, allowing the number of birds to restore itself to normal.

Game Bird HuntingGame preserves are especially important to the native bird population as more Americans choose to live in urban and suburban areas. Much of the protected farm and natural land that once was home to game fowl is disappearing to make room for more urban centers and housing subdivisions. Pet cats, human noise and traffic, and the destruction of brush and streams have reduced the population of birds across the country. Game preserves like Winter Haven often help to stock bird populations, bringing back birds that may have disappeared from the land as it has been developed. Stocking a preserve allows birds to replenish their numbers, and increases genetic diversity, improving the health of birds and ensuring their survivability.

Birds are not the only species that benefit from the care and maintenance of a game preserve. Other wildlife, native plants, and waterways are all protected when a game preserve is created and nurtured. As more American land is devoted to strip malls and human activity, game preserves and national parks are a haven for plants and animals that would otherwise disappear.

Places like Winter Haven also make it possible for everyone, even those who cannot afford to live in the country or on a farm, to enjoy the beauty of nature and the rich tradition of hunting game fowl. Guided hunts allow even inexperienced urban dwellers to enjoy a day of hunting. No matter where you live, you can take a weekend away from traffic and shopping centers to breathe in the fresh air, listen to the wind in the brush, and share the magic of nature with family and friends.

Furthermore, hunting is great for kids! Hunting teaches young people responsibility and nurtures a love for nature, teaching them to respect the wildlife and treasure our undeveloped rural resources. It also inspires a sense of accomplishment that is hard to find in our modern world. Hunting is great exercise and a wonderful way to get your kids moving and spend some quality time with them outside. There is nothing like the sparkle in a child’s eyes when they have caught their first pheasant.

Winter Haven invites you to take the time to experience the beauty of our farm and to learn about how the tradition of bird hunting can not only help you reconnect with the land, but also help to keep native species healthy and thriving. Call us today and schedule your next guided hunt with us!

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