hunting during covid-19

Hunting Preserve Pandemic Protocols as recommended by the North American Gamebird Association.

Hunting is in many ways a solitary or small group activity and meets all social distancing recommendations already. Hunt clubs and preserves come in many styles, types and sizes but they have in common a basic structure and work flow. We will describe for you how essential functions are completed in regards to hunting activities and how they can be done to protect workers and hunters from COVID-19.

  • Check-In: When hunters arrive they will check in at the office in the house basement office or in the parking area to the right upon arrival. Staff and Hunters are to wear face coverings when not able to maintain social distance.

  • Bathroom facilities will be disinfected between hunting groups.

  • Hunting groups: Hunting groups are naturally small and remain segregated from other groups in the course of the activity. There are few instances when people may interact with others not in their group.

  • People who come to hunt set up their own groupings. They are never mixed with other groups. These small groups sometimes bring other family members who do not hunt but walk with the group.

  • Hunting groups and individual hunters are not physically close to each other for gun safety reasons.

  • Social distancing guidelines are easily, if not already, maintained in the field due to gun safety protocols, and it is easy to increase distance between people in the field if needed.

  • A dog and its handler or a guide that is not part of the hunt group may join. The handler / guide can and usually does maintain social distance from the group.

  • Bird Processing: We have a self-processing area which is outside with a sink, waste container. A face covering is recommended when social distancing is not possible.

  • Check Out: Upon completion of the hunt, payment can be accepted outside if paying by cash or check.
    If credit / debit payment must return to the basement office for use of the card reader.

In the interest of Health and Safety we remind you to keep your distance. Always remember not to arrive with any symptoms, we are always glad to reschedule if you are sick.

Please keep your distance – at least 2 retrievers apart

Thank You for practicing social distancing

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