At Winter Haven Game Preserve in Virginia, we strive to make your Upland Bird Hunt as safe and enjoyable as possible! Our guides and hunters following Virginia safety regulations that have been created to protect you and help everyone enjoy the best bird hunting experience.

Every Hunter must have a valid License:
Virginia Hunting License or a Virginia Shooting Preserve License

Requirement information and licenses can be obtained from the
Virginia Department of Game & Inland Fisheries at:

Breaking News!
The Virginia Department of Game & Inland Fisheries now has a mobile app at Go Outdoors VA that hunters can use to purchase their license from their mobile phones. Give it a try!

Virginia Pheasant Hunting SafetyMust wear Blaze Orange (Hat & Vest)

Always keep your Gun (loaded or unloaded) Pointed in a Safe Direction.

We strongly stress safety for our Hunters, Guides and Dogs.

We reserve the right to Cancel the Hunt at anytime Due to an Unsafe Act by Anyone in the Hunt Party.

Virginia Upland Bird Hunting Safety


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