Bird hunting at Winter Haven Game Preserve in Virginia is an experience that must be lived to be fully understood. We encourage you to visit our hunting preserve and find out for yourself what the magic is all about. After you have hunted with us we would also love to hear about your experience. You can provide us with a review on Google by clicking here, or send us an email with a testimonial to post below.

Here a just a few testimonials from hunters who have learned the beauty of a Virginia wingshoot for themselves:


Thank you for a great time and hunt! My son and I greatly enjoyed watching your dogs work and the birds were strong and fast (chukars and pheasants).
John Pearsall


Review of Game and Hunting Preserve in VirginiaVirginia Upland Bird Hunting Preserve Reviews Lee & Claudia:

I want to extend my grateful thanks for an enjoyable morning at Winter Haven on Saturday, October 20, 2018. It was great to meet both of you and get to know you a little bit.

Brian and David and I had a fantastic hunt with you, Lee. The layout and condition of the preserve was superb, a testimony to the hard work that you both have put into the land that you so obviously love. It was a great pleasure hunting behind your well-trained dogs, especially Junior. Your care for them is evident and their love for you is testimony to that care. The birds were absolutely perfect. Their natural response was a proof that your “hands-off” approach to keeping them isolated works like a charm. The pheasants jumped, the chukar flushed, and the quail scattered, all just as naturally as in the wild. And we greatly appreciate your attention to detail in the way you planted them, exactly in they type of cover in which they would naturally reside. The pièce de résistance was the covey of quail as the "dessert" to our hunt…what a hoot!

But most of all I want to thank you, Lee, for your great care in making sure our hunt was above and beyond any that we have ever had. Your knowledge and understanding and patience made it a superb experience, and your natural sense of humor made the day fun and memorable. I will say this, Lee, you are a real character! I look forward to getting together with you for that trout fishing. I have some thoughts on where we can go. I will try to get some flies tied up for you soon that you can use in your pond for the bass…no guarantees on thhat 9-pounder, but you should be able to land a few!

Many blessings to you both and we look forward to the next hunt with you at Winter Haven.

Buzz 10/22/2018

Review of Game and Hunting Preserve in VirginiaVirginia Upland Bird Hunting Preserve ReviewsReviews of Upland Bird Hunting Preserve in Virginia Lee:

Thank you very much for the time and attention you gave David and making his first Chukker hunt yesterday a memory he will treasure even when he is an old fart like you and I. He had the greatest time yesterday. An early step into life long outdoor activity.

Dan 12/31/2013

Pheasant Hunting in Virginia ReviewVirginia Pheasant Guided Hunt Review Lee & Claudia,

Hi, I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you. Your kindness and hospitality, the beautiful sunny afternoon, the pheasants and the way your dogs worked all contributed to a great afternoon for William and I.

Ron Hopchak 12/03/2014

Game Preserves Virginia ReviewsReviews of Pheasant Hunting in Virginia Lee,

Many thanks for spending the extra time with KC, Sarah, and me. I appreciate the going-above-and-beyond spirit that you always receive at Winterhaven, the good birds, and the beautiful countryside. I didn't expect the extra effort you took to help train-up our first-time dog, but it was much appreciated and we look forward to coming back soon.

Rick Akers 12/10/2013

Guided hunting in Virginia Reviews Mr. Winter,

Just wanted to write and tell you what a great time we had on our hunt. The birds were hard flying game birds and challenges ones shooting skills. Your expertise was valuable in both hunting and shooting techniques. Winter Haven Game Preserve provides a top notch upland experience and I would recommend to anyone. Lee and Claudia were great hosts and I look forward to future hunts.
Thank You

Adam Wheeler 10/15/2011

game bird hunting in Virginia Review Lee,

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful time all of us had. You were absolutely terrific showing us a great time! The birds were wild and very challenging. Most of our party have gone to many game farms but your birds by far were the closest thing to hunting in the wild. More importantly, all of us agreed that you are a great guy and made our experience very enjoyable. In fact, I will touch base with you in a few weeks to set up another hunt.
Thanks again!

Taj 10/31/2011

Virginia hunting preserve Review Good Afternoon Lee,

I just wanted to tell you we had a blast Saturday out at your farm. We are still talking about it today at work. You put on a first class show and we will definitely be coming back in the winter. I just wanted to extend another thank you and tell you that we had a great time out there.

Robert S. Hurt 11/10/2008

Virginia game preserve Review Lee,

We really enjoyed our recent hunt. Thank you for your time and a great hunt last weekend. Again, we can’t stop talking about the fun we had at Winter Haven Preserve. We look forward to another exciting and challenging hunt.

Jerry Denney 1/13/2010

Hi Lee:

wingshooting in Virginia ReviewsMy wife and I had a great time at your hunting preserve. It was the best hunt I had been on since getting my springer spaniel. You were a great guide and an even better shooting coach. Your experience showed the whole time we were there. I must say the birds were top notch and flight ready, better than most places I have been, plus I will tell you they tasted great as well. The preserve is a great mix of natural and agriculture cover with great coverts and hedge rows that made it both fun and a challenge to hunt. I hope you keep working to make it the wonderfully natural spot it is. The pond is a huge plus and I hope you put in those other ponds you told me about. I am sure when you do there will be some waterfowl in there soon. Your information about the sights in the area proved great and we were able to get some VA wine to go with the pheasant later in the week.

Thanks for a really great time and I plan on a spring quail hunt in March.
Tony and Donna 11/24/2010



Reviews of Winter Haven Game Farm and Preserve


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